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Early morning sun rise at Rabanal Del Camino
Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

Who thought that I would speak Afrikaans in Spain – Day 31 and 32

Speaking Afrikaans in Spain Today I spoke Afrikaans in Spain. A few miles before my destination for the day, Rabanal del Camino, I saw someone with a South Africa Flag headband. I caught up to the person and started a conversation. On the outskirts of Rabanal del Camino I asked, “So, do you speak Afrikaans?” “Ja,” she said, “I grew-up in the platteland.” “Dan kan ons maar Afrikaans praat,” I said (In that case we […]

A big staned glass window with one side showing the nativity
Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

There is something sweet in Astorga – Day 30

Something Sweet Today something sweet awaited me at Astorga. You guessed it, it was a chocolate museum. But before I could wonder among the sweet delights I had to walk 19 km. For the most part it I walked on red dirt pathways. Early morning delights The sun rises later and later, a sure sign that it is Fall. It was also quite nippy this morning. It was -2C when I left at 8 a.m. […]

A night time view of the bridge and town.
Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

El Puente – The Bridge – Day 27, 28, 29

The Knight and the Bridge It is Saturday and Sunday is my day of rest for my feet. It will be a delight to rest. Actually, this rest stop is a little longer than any other … I have an extra day. See, today’s walk would take me to Villar de Mazarife. But, there was no place at the Inn so to speak. I will be staying at my stop on Monday, Hospital De Órbigo. […]

Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

León – City of the Legion and of the Cathedral – Day 26

City of the Legion One thing I quickly discovered was that I forgot the rich history of Spain. I think this might be because I have lived in relative “new” countries. South Africa only became republic in 1961 and Canada is only 150 years old as a Federation. (Yes, I know that people lived in both countries before European settlers arrived.) Yet, Spain has a rich history that dates back to Roman Legions. And so […]

The morning sun is almost rising over El Burgo
Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

Two Days of … few towns, sun, and sweat … This was day 24 and 25

Sun and Sweat When I thought about walking the Camino, Sun and Sweat did not come to mind. Sure, I knew it would be a physical challenge along with the spiritual challenge.  The physical challenge this week cast a shadow on my spirit. It did not help that many of the churches along the way were closed … adding to the spiritual bareness I experienced. Grace along the Way Yet, all was not lost. There […]

An old bridge in Sahagún.
Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

The Half Way Mark

Today I’ll be Half Way Today I’ll reach Sahagún, the half way mark between St. Jean Pied-de-Port and Santiago. By the end of today I would have walked 400 km. It is hard to believe that only 20 days ago I started the journey over the Pyrenees. Looking back, it has been amazing journey. The Sign The morning promised to bring a good day. The sunrise was beautiful and it appeared the morning would filled […]

Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

The day I wondered: What on earth am I doing?

What on earth am I doing? This was the question that resonated with me all day. What on earth am I doing? What on earth am I doing walking the Camino? What on earth am I doing on the Journey? What on earth am I doing in Spain? This is how the Guide Book described the way today: We pass through a flat somewhat featureless landscape with little or no shade (A Pilgrim’s Guide to […]

A canal with trees along the dirt road.
Camino De Santiago, Spain

Tomate Algo … that’s the password

Tomate Algo – Drink Something Perhaps it is a strange title for a Blog post on a Sunday morning … Drink Something. Perhaps it is kind of coincidental that the cafe’s WiFi password  is “Drink something” – Tomate algo. As I sit here this morning I look at a statue of a pilgrim and Iglesia de Santa Maria del Camino and I am drinking something. The Past Two Weeks I have seen my share of […]