A New Way of Doing Wedding Photography

What a better way to start the 2nd post on the renewed website with something that signifies a new beginning – a Wedding.

Start of Something New

April 16 of 2018 was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  It was our wedding day.  Helping us celebrate this new chapter in our lives were a small group of people – our parents, witnesses and their families, my sister and her family, and a colleague of mine who officiated at the ceremony.

Almost forgot a few things

Well, I have to admit, we did forget a few things: Flowers and a photographer.  Let me assure you that it was no big deal.  “Why, that is terrible,” you say.  But wait … it gives you the opportunity to be creative, especially on a Sunday afternoon when many florist are close for the day and the wedding is on Monday.

But, it all worked out

Luckily, I found a florist who could make a flower arrangement (with three Birds of Paradise) and boutonnieres (using white and purple orchids).

And what about the photographer?  Well, I decided to approach wedding photography in a new way.  I packed two cameras and the tripod.  A couple of minutes before we started I asked, “Who would like to be the unofficial photographers for the day?”  We had two volunteers.  After some editing at home, we can now share some of the photos with you.

And the moral of the story

It is OK to be nontraditional.  I think just about every person has heard their parents say, “If Johnny and Mary jump of the bridge, are you going to jump of the bridge?”  Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean adding your own unique twist is wrong.  Our wedding was very nontraditional.  We had a small crowd of 16 people in total, the ceremony was at 5 pm on a Monday, and our photographers were two guests who volunteered 5 minutes before the ceremony started.

Yes, there are many different ways to celebrate and remember your special day, a new chapter in life, ours was very nontraditional and for us … it worked wonders.

Oh, and for the reception … in case you are wondering … we went to Fusion Sushi.



  1. Terry Hagen

    The celebration of a lifetime. You said it would be non-traditional and it was. Wonderful photos of you all. Blessings to you and Zlatica. I am sorry I do not know Zlatica’s daughter’s name but I am sure I will hear it. You found a bride and a family all the more to love.

  2. Chris Browne

    Well done and Well wedded, Dewey and Zlatica. The blog and photos say it all. Thank you for sharing. May you find much happiness as you add new smiles to family faces.

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