About Us

This is me.

I am Dewey and live in Calgary. I have been interested in photography for many years.

The Cameras.

IMG_1015I bought my first DSLR in 2007, I think it was a Sony Alpha200.  Since then, I never looked back and always searched for the next picture. Currently, I use a Canon 6D and 7D.  I also use Canon PowerShot G& X Mark II. Before too long, I hope to convert my old Canon 60D to a be dedicated Infrared Camera.  I cannot wait to do this, hopefully by the end of 2018 this dream will become a reality.  I also use a Mamiyaflex C2 Professional Camera from the 60’s and a 35 mm Canon AE-1. Using film cameras has been an interesting experience and learning curve. I also develop my own black and white print for both 120mm and 35mm film.

This I enjoy.

I enIMG_1003joy taking landscape pictures.  It is a good thing the Rocky Mountains is less than 2 hours away.  I also enjoy seeking wildlife … both mammals and birds.  And I enjoy taking pictures of mushrooms in the Summer and Fall.  It helps that I enjoy hiking and snowshoeing in the Mountains.  I always try to heed the call of the Rockies on Mondays and venture out for fresh mountain air and spectacular landscapes, fungi, blue skies, snow, and wildlife.

I have also tried my hand at portrait photography and enjoy it quite a bit.

So, why this name?

So, why Dewey’s Digital Delights? This was the name my friend Fiona suggested when I first thought about my own blog/website. Thank you Fiona. And it makes a lot of sense.  My Nickname is Dewey. The photos are Digital.  And the are a Delight. And so, Dewey’s Digital Delights was born.

I hope to continue to develop my photography and skills, to share these delights with you, and perhaps even to help you create memories of your own. If you are in the Calgary area and would like family portraits, have old film you like to convert to digital prints, would like to go on a photography excursion on one of the trails in the Rockies, or have any questions feel free to contact me.