Camino De Santiago

Three panes of Stained Glass windows
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Dedication – From St. Juan de Ortega to Burgos

Dedication Dedication, what does it mean for you? It probably means something different for everyone. Today I became aware of dedication in two ways. Lefty’s friends It wasn’t so much getting up before sunrise nor the idea of walking 24 km. Though, I did pass the “518 km” to Santiago in Agés. Then, about 5 km before my stop for the day, I sat down at a park bench. Lefty, that’s the name I have […]

A man fishing
Camino De Santiago, Spain

The Big Bell and the Big City

I rang a Bell, an Old Bell Very early on Friday morning the trek began to Pamplona, the big city. Walking over the Rabies bridge made me wonder: how many people have walked their flocks over this bridge early in the morning to be healed? Even though legend was that it would heal the animals from Rabies, perhaps a better name would have been the healing bridge. Then again, that could have been misunderstood. It […]

A mural of the way in Belorado
Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

From Belorado to St. Juan de Ortega – barrenness rewarded

When Barrenness Greets You Little did I know what the day would bring. A barren landscape was my companion on this day. Barrenness it seemed was the name of the Way today. There weren’t many people on the Way – I passed a few and few passed me. The fields were plowed – not much on them, except for one field with forgotten sunflowers. All these were signs of barrenness. The Ruins of a Monastery […]

The Bed and Breakfast
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Dinner with two ladies from France at Quintanilla del Monte

It was a pleasant Dinner I think all of us go through those days when everything is just feeling blah, right? I was feeling like that on this fateful morning. I guess the grey skies didn’t help either. Even my photos told this story … not to mention that I took a grand total of nineteen pictures! All that being said, the spirit perked up a little during dinner time. They were closed One thing […]

People walking
Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

There are Chickens in the Church in Santo Domingo

Chickens to the Rescue If someone told me that I would see chickens in a Church I would have said, “You must be joking.” Well, now I can testify that it is indeed true. And there is quite the story behind it. Santo Domingo Today’s walk was an average one, at least that is what I will discover before too long, a mere 21 km. Even though it was suppose to rain all day, the […]

Early Morning Sunrise
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When Curiosity Meets You on the Way

Curiosity – what can go wrong? There is a saying: Curiosity killed the cat. Is it to warn us of the potential dangers associated with curiosity? And yet, hasn’t curiosity led to many adventures, inventions, and stories? On September 21, 2017, as I walked to Najera I found the joy curiosity brings. The Professor I started quite early and the sunrise this morning was magnificent. Little did I know how many people I would meet. […]

Sunrise on the Camino
Camino De Santiago, Travel

Blue Skies and Canadians to Logroño

Blue Skies Today, blue skies was the name of the game. All the way from Los Arcos to Logroño the clouds seem to play hide and seek. Although the early morning sunrise at Los Arcos did reveal some clouds in the distance, they were a thing of longing on this warm day. Perhaps what made matters even more challenging were the fact the the journey would be no less than 26 km. Them Canadians, eh […]

Camino De Santiago, Spain

Hospitality is the name of the game

Hospitality is the name of the Game There is something to say about hospitality – it is memorable. Bad hospitality can ruin any restaurant’s good name for many years. Even communities of faith are not excluded from this … they will know by your hospitality. Many books have been written on the subject. And yet hospitality is not rocked science. A Shell of Wine at Irache It is not hard to image that hospitality were […]

Santo Sepulcro
Camino De Santiago, Spain

Vineyards and Olive Groves and Irish all the way to Estella

Sheamus, the Irish Guy After a well deserve first weekend of rest I was ready to tackle the next week. A mere 22 km of walking to Estella felt like a breeze. Breakfast could not come sooner. Though, breakfast at Bidean Puente de la reina is not something to write home about. It was basically dry toasted bread with jam and coffee. While somewhat unenthusiastically eating the dry toasted bread with jam and washing it […]