Dedication – From St. Juan de Ortega to Burgos


Dedication, what does it mean for you? It probably means something different for everyone. Today I became aware of dedication in two ways.

Lefty’s friends

It wasn’t so much getting up before sunrise nor the idea of walking 24 km. Though, I did pass the “518 km” to Santiago in Agés. Then, about 5 km before my stop for the day, I sat down at a park bench. Lefty, that’s the name I have given my left foot, has been shouting at me for the past 10 km. I untied my hiking shoe and carefully removed it, then ever so slowly the sock came off. There, looking me straight in the eye, was a huge blister … it grew. Now, I know, you will say, “Why don’t you use mole skin?” I did. I used both moleskin and K-Tape. The “new” blister formed right beside the moleskin and K-Tape where there was a tint bit of skin visible. It looked angry, the old blister that is, the new blister was a long for the ride. And the blister on Lefty’s pinky toe was not looking good at all.

I got the emergency kit from my day pack and laid all the necessary “tools and instruments” on the park table. Out came the safety pin to release the pressure … it almost look like Old Faithful has taken residence on Lefty. Well, I doctored the other two blisters as well. Then I soothed them with some foot cream. The Moleskin was carefully cut and K-Tape was used to hold the @$# Moleskin in place. (A word of advice, Moleskin doesn’t work that great; however, K-tape worked much better all by itself.)

After I rested for a few more minutes, I put the sock back on, then the shoe, and slowly hobbled into Burgos.

Once I arrived at my hotel it was time for some more “doctoring.” After some more draining, and Epson Salt soak, and Gold Bond cream Lefty felt a lot better.

The Cathedral

After a rest, I went to grab something to eat and visited the Cathedral – Catedral de Santa María XIIIth. The Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was amazing to see the Craftsmanship that went into the construction of this magnificent site. I couldn’t help but wonder what the people working on this must have felt … I am sure it took a great deal of dedication.

And so the day …

Came to an end quite early for me. I did run into an Australian couple I met a few days ago. It was great to chat with them. There other interesting sites to see in Burgos, though Lefty did not give me that luxury.

I grabbed a burger and fries for dinner, went to the hotel, and Lefty took a long needed rest …

As I reflect on the Journey to Burgos I do realize that the Journey of Life has a lot to do with being DEDICATED … both staying on the course and giving your best service.

This blog entry was originally written on September 26, 2017. Now, after reflection and editing to the pictures, I have rewritten the experience of the day.


  1. Amazing photos of the interior of the cathedral, and many of them. Landscapes interesting also – strong shadows. Hope the feet don’t give you too much trouble.

  2. I remember this story about lefty. Perhaps you can laugh about that now. Yes there were lots of photos and the altars were absolutely magnificent. Yes it is important to keep looking up.

  3. I remember the sore toe. Maybe you can laugh about that now. Yes, there were lots of photos. Magnificent photos of the altars.

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