Digitize Art Work

Digitizing Art Work

Do you have a little artist at home?

Are you an Artist yourself?

We have good news for you. At Dewey’s Digital Delights we can take your works of art and digitize them.

“Why would I want to do that,” you may ask. There are several reasons you may want to Digitize / Scan your Art Work:

  • Share your Works of Art with others on social media such as Facebook or Instagram
  • Enable others to see your little artist’s creations
  • To preserve the memories of the works of art
  • To have a Back Up Copy in case something happens to the originals
  • Make a special Book with Original Art Work
  • It makesĀ  a great gift for Grandparents – i.e. A Collection of Dewey’s Kindergarten Art
  • It makes a great keepsake for parents, grandparents, and kids

The Process

How does this work? Well, it all starts with Dewey receiving the Works of Art (it can be drawings or paintings). The piece is then scanned using a Epson Perfection V600 Photo scanner. This can be anywhere from 1 single scan if the Art Work is the size of a sheet of paper to several scans. After the Art Work is scanned Dewey then use Photoshop to put all the pieces together and do any adjustments if necessary or required.

The various steps in scanning art work
The Work flow for Scanning Works of Art

Pricing and More Information

The pricing all depends on the size of the Art Work. The larger the Art Work the more scans and stitched it requires. All scanned files are also saved on a 8 GB Wafer USB.

The Price List To Scan Works of Art
Original Print Size
(measured at the top x side)
Up to 8 x 10up to 16 x 11
or 8 x 22
up to 24 x 11

up to 16 x 22up to 24 x 22
Number of Scans Needed12346
Number of Stitches01235
Scan DPIBased on Size of OriginalBased on Size of OriginalBased on Size of OriginalBased on Size of OriginalBased on Size of Original

Due to the nature of scanning Works of Art Shipping and Handling will depend on the Number and size of items. Local Pick Up and Drop Off is available and we are willing to Pick Up and Drop Off based on these Rates:

Pick Up and Drop Off Rates

Within North West Calgary$20
Within North East Calgary$30
Within South West and South East Calgary$40
Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, High River, and Chestermere$50
Other areas close to CalgaryPlease contact us to see if Drop Off and Pick Up can be arranged.

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