Dinner with two ladies from France at Quintanilla del Monte

It was a pleasant Dinner

I think all of us go through those days when everything is just feeling blah, right? I was feeling like that on this fateful morning. I guess the grey skies didn’t help either. Even my photos told this story … not to mention that I took a grand total of nineteen pictures! All that being said, the spirit perked up a little during dinner time.

They were closed

One thing I learned is that now that it was the end of September with October inching closer everyday it meant that the busy season was coming to an end. Now, this would be good, less people on the Way; however, it also meant some place opened later in the day. And as I would discover, the lack of volunteers did not help either.

Today’s journey took me past two towns where in the local churches there were baptismal fonts dating back to the 12th Century. At the one church there was a sign saying that the door opens around 11 AM, it was only 10 AM. At the other church the door was tightly shut and no sign whatsoever.

I was a little disappointed. I guess what did not help at all was that the blister, which has tripled in size and found siblings, really bugged me today.

Can it be any smaller?

When I thought about the journey I am taking I made the decision to give my feet a sabbatical on Sundays. I did not particularly cared where I stayed on Saturday and Sunday. Well, I did not expect this stop to be this small.

My accommodations were in a small hamlet, it took me less than 5 minutes to walk through the whole hamlet. Half the houses were empty. And the local church looked like it was going to fall in on itself any moment. It will be a long two days.

And then came Dinner

They say it is a small world, and small it is I discovered during dinner. There were two other pilgrims, elderly ladies from France. One was a doctor and spoke English quite well, the other was a nurse. They met eight years ago and walk the Camino in stages, this has been year five.

And then came the surprise. We spoke about where we are from and our ancestry. It just so happen that I am a descendant for a French Huguenot. I told them the story and revealed that our forefather – Jacques De La Porte – was from a town called Lille. Well, you wouldn’t believe this, so was one of the ladies.

We had a nice chat, a good dinner, and it was a good end to the day.

Final thought …

Every day on the Way I learn something. Often times things I know already. Let’s call it affirmation to what I already know, and also at times things I know but have forgotten, and other times something I needed to hear.

The day started out a little ‘crappy’ if you like. I was feeling a little blue. And yet, at the end of the day sunshine brightened by cloudy day.

This post was first published September23, 2017; it has now been updated, both the reflection and the pictures.



  1. I enjoyed the photos even if there weren’t as many as sometimes. I was interested in your comment about having met two ladies, one of whom was from the same village as an ancestor of yours. Have you done a family history search over there?

  2. Nellie Kellett

    No photo of your two lady friends? Keep up the good spirit ! Lots of love!

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