El Puente – The Bridge – Day 27, 28, 29

The Knight and the Bridge

It is Saturday and Sunday is my day of rest for my feet. It will be a delight to rest. Actually, this rest stop is a little longer than any other … I have an extra day. See, today’s walk would take me to Villar de Mazarife. But, there was no place at the Inn so to speak. I will be staying at my stop on Monday, Hospital De Órbigo. I have the option to take a taxi, already paid for, back to Villar de Mazarif and then walk back to Hospital de Órbigo. I have decided to rest one more day here where a Knight guarded the bridge until he defeated 300 knights … all in the name of love.

It is all about Perspective

It is now Sunday morning and the cool air is quite refreshing with a slight breeze ever so gently embracing the body and the soul. Though, I think it is mostly this Canadian who feels this way because some locals are dressed up like it is -20 C and some Pilgrims are also dressed like they are ready for a snow storm. I guess it is all perspective right. I’ll admit, it was a little cool with the gentle breeze and even this Canadian had to readjust and move to a slightly warmer corner of the world (the town). I started by going to a nice spot that overlooks the bridge with the sun behind me; however, soon even my nose become an icicle. Short sleeves in tow I migrated through the streets and over the bridge passing many a person semi-frozen and snug in their winter coats.

Now I am sitting in the garden at El Puente (the bridge) enjoying a coffee and croissant. There were only two other people outside. The others enjoyed the warmth inside, while I am basking in the morning sunlight, and it is just for me.

A Reflection – The Bridge

This morning at breakfast I had a quick chat with folks from the UK, a group of 7 or so, who are walking the Camino in stages. I mentioned that I do not walk on Sundays. One lady said, “What are you going to do? There is only a bridge.”

That is right there is a bridge. The Bridge.

Reflecting upon this past week the image of a bridge comes to mind. See, it has been the bridge of graces (God’s graces) along the way that saw me through. Whether it was the trees planted on the wayside or the people I spoke too; whether it was the sunlight of the morning peeking over the hosrizon or the stars that shone at night; whether it was joining up with old friends or meeting new ones; whether it was yearning for some clouds or seeing the blue sky; whether it was starting to count my steps or seeing the resting place for the day; whether it was feeling the hungry spot grow or taking a sip of a cold drink after walking 20 km; whether it was missing loved ones or a quick talk on FaceTime – God’s grace was in it all.

Grace is indeed a Bridge. Yet, God’s greatest gift of Grace to all is Jesus Christ who is The Bridge of life and in life.

This blog entry was originally written on October 8, 2017. It has now been updated, both the Reflection and the Pictures. To read more about my experience(s) while walking the Camino de Santiago click here.


  1. Nellie Kellett

    What a lovely message Rev Delport ! Thank you Dewald, dis nou regtig uit jou hart en baie pragtig !!

  2. Thank you for your post today. Your message was a perfect fit for Thanksgiving.

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