The Half Way Mark

Today I’ll be Half Way

Today I’ll reach Sahagún, the half way mark between St. Jean Pied-de-Port and Santiago. By the end of today I would have walked 400 km. It is hard to believe that only 20 days ago I started the journey over the Pyrenees. Looking back, it has been amazing journey.

The Sign

A warning sign on the road for snow.
Warning, Snow!

The morning promised to bring a good day. The sunrise was beautiful and it appeared the morning would filled with blue skies.

Then I came across a sign I never expected (and it was the only time I saw one). It was warning sign: Snow for the next 2 km. Being from Calgary, I had to chuckle. Perhaps this sign was a sign of what to come.  Not long after this sign I met two wonderful people, Rita and Stephen from South Africa. Over the next couple of days we would share part of the Camino and have good conversation. We stopped at Ledigos for a break. I had a Latte, bit them farewell, and continued on the journey.

Arriving at the Half-Way Point – Sahagún

Inside the Church, la señora Peregrina

Sahagún, being the half-way mark if you started at St. Jean, was a little disappointing. Only Iglesia Señora la Peregrina was open. And there were four other churches in this town.

At Iglesia Señora la Peregrina you can also receive a certificate that says you have made it half-way to Santiago. After my visit to this church I walked around town to see the Arco San Denito dating back to 1662.

After a good dinner, I went to rest for the evening while reflecting on 400 km walked and 400 km still to walk. What will the journey reveal?


  1. Hard to believe you are half way there. Thanks for all the photos you have shared.

  2. Nellie Kellett

    I pray that the last half of your journey will be as exciting as the first! How are your feet? Thinking of you often ! Lots of love, Ous and Terry

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