Sandals, that’s the Way to Go!

Sandals … they actually work!

I have a new best friend. SANDALS. Well, I guess, Lefty has a new best friend. Today is September 28. I have walked since September 13; so for the past two weeks I followed the expected and walked the long distances with my hiking shoes. After all, that is what you are expected to do. But today, today I broke the tradition, I broke the expected, and I broke the rule.

All that being said, I was also cautious. What if my new found cure didn’t work? I made sure the hiking shoes traveled with us today just in case they are needed.

A Slow and Steady Start

Since I was doing something new … walking 20 km in sandals, I decided to start slow. The blisters were still mad at me and looked fierce. I did not know how Lefty would react to the sandals. I started with a very slow pace and joined a retired lawyer from Australia for awhile. We had a nice chat since we have met before and he also stayed at the same place last night.

After a few kilometers I was getting used to the idea of wearing sandals, we walked a little faster. Lo and behold I met the group of Canadian Ladies I meat quite awhile ago. They were a group of 8 from Eastern all the way to Western Canada. Then I met a couple from North Caroline and we walked together for awhile.

A much needed Coffee Break

It hasn’t been habit to stop for coffee all that much while I walk from point A to point B. Today, I made an exception. I stopped at Hontanas for a break. After a delicious coffee and bathroom break, I visited Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción. This church has been here since the 14th century.

Meeting Jessica

Today was unique because the Way passed by two ruins. First, there is the ruins of San Miguel and then the ancient convento de San Anton, which dates back to the XIV century. I met Jessica just after San Miguel. Jessica is from Switzerland and she works with handicapped people. She was very excited to tell me that she is getting married on August 18, 2018 (180818). Jessica and I had a nice chat for the next three kilometers.

The end of the Day

The stop for the day was Castrojeriz. Just as you enter the town Iglesia de Santa María del Manzano greets you. It was constructed in the XIII century and features Gothic architecture. It has a museum attached to it, which was quite interesting. Here I found a statue for Santiago the Moor Slayer.

On my way to check into the hotel, I met the Irish couple. They gladly showed me where I had to go because it was a little tricky to get to the hotel and check in. I also run into the folks from the States from awhile back. It was nice to catch up with them.

All in all, it was a great day. I started to walk in sandals, which were great for Lefty. I met a few people (some new ones) and had a great chat with them.

This Blog entry was originally written September 28, 2017. It has now been updated, both the reflection and the pictures.


  1. Thanks once again for the photos. Some of the cathedral photos reminded me of Jerusalem. Glad you found a solution to your foot problem.

  2. I am glad your toes were better today. My suggestion for future would be to tape all your toes. Tape each one individually (once they are feeling a little better to tape). This will alleviate some of the friction between the toes and allow them to breath. If you get any where that sells first aid supplies, try and get first aid tape, sticky, for non-blistered toes and a little gauze around the blistered toes. Hopefully this will help your pain and keep some new blisters from forming again. I taped my toes a lot when I was a dancer many, many moons ago. Good luck and happy walking.

  3. Ons het in April 2017 gestap en alles was groen toe ons daar gestap het. Dit lyk nogal soos die Vrystaat. Ek het baie lekker daar gestap en was spyt toe ons by Leon gekom het want daarna het die landskap verander. Geniet dit.

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