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León – City of the Legion and of the Cathedral – Day 26

City of the Legion One thing I quickly discovered was that I forgot the rich history of Spain. I think this might be because I have lived in relative “new” countries. South Africa only became republic in 1961 and Canada is only 150 years old as a Federation. (Yes, I know that people lived in both countries before European settlers arrived.) Yet, Spain has a rich history that dates back to Roman Legions. And so […]

Three panes of Stained Glass windows
Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

Dedication – From St. Juan de Ortega to Burgos

Dedication Dedication, what does it mean for you? It probably means something different for everyone. Today I became aware of dedication in two ways. Lefty’s friends It wasn’t so much getting up before sunrise nor the idea of walking 24 km. Though, I did pass the “518 km” to Santiago in Agés. Then, about 5 km before my stop for the day, I sat down at a park bench. Lefty, that’s the name I have […]