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The morning sun is almost rising over El Burgo
Camino De Santiago, Spain, Travel

Two Days of … few towns, sun, and sweat … This was day 24 and 25

Sun and Sweat When I thought about walking the Camino, Sun and Sweat did not come to mind. Sure, I knew it would be a physical challenge along with the spiritual challenge.  The physical challenge this week cast a shadow on my spirit. It did not help that many of the churches along the way were closed … adding to the spiritual bareness I experienced. Grace along the Way Yet, all was not lost. There […]

Sunrise on the Camino
Camino De Santiago, Travel

Blue Skies and Canadians to Logroño

Blue Skies Today, blue skies was the name of the game. All the way from Los Arcos to Logroño the clouds seem to play hide and seek. Although the early morning sunrise at Los Arcos did reveal some clouds in the distance, they were a thing of longing on this warm day. Perhaps what made matters even more challenging were the fact the the journey would be no less than 26 km. Them Canadians, eh […]