Tomate Algo … that’s the password

Tomate Algo – Drink Something

Perhaps it is a strange title for a Blog post on a Sunday morning … Drink Something. Perhaps it is kind of coincidental that the cafe’s WiFi password  is “Drink something” – Tomate algo.

An early morning view from the Café.
View from the Café.

As I sit here this morning I look at a statue of a pilgrim and Iglesia de Santa Maria del Camino and I am drinking something.

The Past Two Weeks

I have seen my share of challenges this past two weeks. As you may recall, Lefty (the name I have given my left foot) was giving me trouble a plenty with blisters. From the tip of my pinky toe to the ball of my feet (and that is where they multiplied and grew, at one point there were 3 and together they were the size of a Toony and a half!) to my heel. Well, I am glad to say that they are healing nicely since I have been wearing sandals. I never thought I would walk 80+ km in sandals, and I think I’ll stick to the sandals.

The Sign on the Road

Yesterday, I walked past a sign. This sign actually warns you to be careful because the road is narrowing. Someone has added some “extra” wording to it.

A sign on the road with an alternate message.
A sign on the road that says, “Caution: narrow Passage.” And then in marker, “What can other people learn from you?” and “Think of 10 things that you are grateful for.”

“What can other people learn from you.” AND “Think of 10 things you are grateful for.”

Gratefulness Revealed

Thanksgiving is not for another week; however, what are you grateful for?

When I think about the past week there are a few things that come to mind:

  • Sunrises in the morning and coffee at the end of the day;
  • The people I have met and their generous spirit in words and deeds;
  • The concern of others and their words of encouragement;
  • Good conversations and dinners shared.
  • It includes free socks and a connections made through language barriers;
  • Blisters to slow us down and cream to smooth the aches;
  • The dedication of others and their generous spirit; and
  • It includes “tomate algo” (drink something).

God uses many different ways to get our attention. God uses many ways to reveal Himself to us. For some it may be the beauty of the sunrise while for others the kind words from a stranger. Whatever it may be for you … drink something.
When I think about the metaphor about drinking something I am reminded of Jesus who said, Come unto me and I will give you rest … Jesus who said, whoever drink of the water I give them will never thirst again. His invitation to us is to come and drink … to drink something.
Will you “tomate algo”?

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  1. You were deep in thought this morning. What a wonderful way to begin the day with a meditation on gratitude.

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