Two Days of … few towns, sun, and sweat … This was day 24 and 25

Sun and Sweat

When I thought about walking the Camino, Sun and Sweat did not come to mind. Sure, I knew it would be a physical challenge along with the spiritual challenge.  The physical challenge this week cast a shadow on my spirit. It did not help that many of the churches along the way were closed … adding to the spiritual bareness I experienced.

Grace along the Way

Yet, all was not lost. There was Grace along the Way.

Along the Way a row of trees provided a welcome reprieve from the sun. This reminded me that during our spiritual weariness the Holy Spirit provides welcome relief.

I also made a new friend in Reliegos whom I named Kitten. Kitten and his brother were running around. Kitten was brave enough to let me scratch him and then he made himself at home on my lap while I drank a coffee with an American couple. He enjoyed my company until we left.

Another Grace along the Way, especially these past two days, were the sunrises. Now that October has graced us with its presence the sun rises later and later. As a result I was on the Way before the sun was up and as such now I see the beautiful sunrise colours every morning.

An end to Sun, Sweat, and Few Towns

Mansilla de las Mulas was the stop for today. It was a nice little town. I visited the one church and the Museo Etnográfico Provincial de León. Tomorrow I am off to León. And … I’ll take the bus … and spend the whole day walking in León.

This post entry was Originally written October 5, 2017. It has been updated.

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  1. Nellie Kellett

    Not any people around that area it seems! Moenie moedeloos raak nie! Tomorrow you may have a surprise or two again Liefde van die Oudstryders in Kimberley !

  2. Once again some good thoughts in your post. I did notice the few places that seemed to provide shade. You also got some good shots of the sunrise. Maybe the heat will subside soon.

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