When Curiosity Meets You on the Way

Curiosity – what can go wrong?

There is a saying: Curiosity killed the cat. Is it to warn us of the potential dangers associated with curiosity?

And yet, hasn’t curiosity led to many adventures, inventions, and stories? On September 21, 2017, as I walked to Najera I found the joy curiosity brings.

The Professor

I started quite early and the sunrise this morning was magnificent. Little did I know how many people I would meet. First, there was the lady from the school teacher from East Coast. It was nice to check in with her. Then I met the group of Canadians who I have met on and off since day one. I quick chat with one of the ladies in the group, she was from Hamilton, ON, was quite a delight.

Then I met the professor and her family. She is a lecturer at a small liberal arts university in Kansas. She teaches American History as well as Mennonite Church History. As we talked we discovered that we had a mutual acquaintance. My professor who taught Canadian Church History when I went to Seminary is someone she knew as well. It is a small world, I guess. We talk a little about Church History and about The Presbyterian Church in Canada. I remember her saying to me, “This journey will give you many ideas for sermons in the years to come.” She was right.

Alex, the man at the road

Well, you never know who you are going to meet. The assumption is other pilgrims along the Way. However … that may not always be the case. See, today’s leg of the journey included a few options and I took one of these options inadvertently. It was the option to go to Ventosa, the Windy City. It was on this stretch I met Alex. Alex comes to the road with his car about three times a week. He stands and wait for pilgrims. He approached them and ask, “Do you speak English?”

I’ll admit, I was a little worried at first. I mean, what did this guy want? Well, Alex comes here to practice his English. We had a nice chat. I learned about his family and some history of the surrounding area. Alex practiced his English and every know and then we switched to Spanish for a few sentences.

Oh, and guess who else I met? The three Americans I walked with on the very first day and then on and off for quite a few days. They were having a snack break.

Seize your curiosity

I think the saying is “seize the day” but how about “seize your curiosity.” Two people were curios and struck a conversation with me and in the end I have learned a lot. SEIZE YOUR CURIOSITY.

*This blog post was originally written September 21, 2017. It has now been updated. Enjoy.


  1. The photos are all appreciated, but the interiors of the cathedrals are especially excellent.

  2. I have to go back to the beauty of the architecture of the cathedrals/churches/chapels and the beauty of the artistry in the ornamentation of the altars. Your comments on curiosity are so true. If it were not for that we would simply cease to grow. As always thank you for sharing your experience.

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